Action Potential

Neuropod: neuroscience on the go

Have a busy schedule ahead of you, but wishing you could stay current with cutting edge neuroscience discussion? Well fret no more. Nature, in partnership with The Dana Foundation, has launched Neuropod, a neuroscience-based podcast.

Each month, Kerri Smith will report on some of the interesting happenings in the world of neuroscience research. This month, Kerri discusses the relationship between cognitive enhancement and warfare, how stress contributes to memory formation, learning from brain imaging, and why chili peppers might have a future in anesthesiology.

Remember to check back each month for a new episode, or better yet, sign up for the free RSS feed to have the podcast delivered straight to your desktop (paste this link in your media player). Let me know what you think of this format, as we want your feedback to make this feature an interesting and entertaining tool.


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