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CALL FOR CREATIONIST PAPERS: at the Answers Research Journal

Answers in Genesis, a self-described Christianity-defending ministry dedicated to enabling Christians to defend their faith and to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively, recently launched a new publication, Answers Research Journal. Their mission:  … Read more

Monkeys master mental math

Monkeys master mental math

Everyone has had that awkward moment at a cocktail party or at the lunch table: You: Congratulations on the little one; she’s beautiful! When was she born? New mother: Thank you, thank you. Well, let’s see, I’ve kind of lost track, but with today being January 14 and her birthday being December 17… You: Oh, so she’s already 5 weeks old then. Wow! New Mother: Uhh…no. She is exactly 28 days old. Although mistaken mental math has embarrassed us all, we humans still reign supreme in the nonverbal representation of numerical values, right? A new study in PLoS aimed to  … Read more

Online journal club at Nature Network

I apologize for the blatant promotion, but I wanted to bring your attention to a new forum designed to spur on discussion involving interesting neuroscience papers. I categorized this under “What’s new in NN?”, except here, the “NN” is different: Nature Network. This platform has been around for some time now, but I am new to it. I recommend that you check out the site, as it aims to connect scientists on both the local and global levels (but unless you are in Boston or London, the local part is still being rolled out).  Read more

Open access in neuroscience

A new policy in the Journal of Neuroscience demonstrates the current push towards open access publication. Researchers can pay to have their article freely available immediately upon publication, starting with all articles submitted as of January 1, 2008. It is interesting, because J Neurosci words the new policy a bit like an experiment, essentially telling the authors and funding agencies to put their money where their mouth is. If they want open access, as many are calling for, they can help support it. Hopefully we can return to this policy in 6 months or so to see how many authors took this option, and who funded those choosing to “pay for play.”  … Read more

Easing back into it

Well, now, it has been a nice long break since the last post, but time to get this blog rolling again here in 2008. Let’s start light, while I finish cooking up the stuff I want to discuss. Let’s return to a request I buried in a previous post that received no response:  … Read more