Nature Precedings: One Year Later…

Nature Precedings: One Year Later...

Nature Precedings launched back in June 2007 with the support of several partner organizations, including the British Library, the EBI, Science Commons, and the Wellcome Trust. Since then it’s been an exhilarating year. Wired described Nature Precedings as an island of innovation and several editorials in Nature journals throughout the past year have discussed how Nature Precedings can enhance scientific communication (see Community service, Virtual networking for microbiologists, Free market science, and Shared genomes).  Read more

Tagging and Bookmarking In Institutional Repositories

If you’re familiar with Connotea, our free online information management tool, or with the general idea of social bookmarking then you’ll know what we mean when we say that we’ve released some software that adds tagging and social bookmarking to EPrints-based institutional repositories. On top of that, it uses tags and bookmarks to recommend related articles.  Read more

Nascent Will Be Down At The Weekend

A bunch of our servers are being moved at the weekend, and unfortunately this means that will be unavailable for a short time. You can expect Nascent to be absent from the Web from about 3pm EST on Friday 16th December until approximately 8pm EST on Saturday 17th.  Read more