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Collection of articles on neurotechniques

Nature Publishing Group presents a Collection on Neurotechniques, which includes original Research, Progress and Review articles as well as Research Highlights from Nature Methods and Nature Reviews Neuroscience. This collection aims to inspire and provoke thought by drawing attention to groundbreaking advances in technology that hold great promise for the pursuit of answers to long-standing questions, such as how brain regions are connected, what contributions single neurons and populations of neurons make to behaviour and cognition, and what role cell dysfunction has in neurological disorders. This collection is freely available until November 2008. It also contains a library of links to articles published by Nature Publishing Group journals on the topic.  Read more

More digital journals available from British Library

Via press release, the British Library is making 1,500 journals available for immediate download. A huge variety of titles will be added on 1 June 2008, ranging from science, medicine and technology to politics, history, anthropology and literature. The move is in response to customers’ growing need for instant digital access to research material.  Read more

Nature Insight on regenerative medicine

Last week’s Insight collection of articles in Nature (453,301–351;2008) is on the theme of regenerative medicine. The capacity of most tissues to regenerate derives from stem cells, but there are many barriers to the use of stem-cell-based therapies in the clinic. Such therapies, however, have the potential to improve human health enormously, and knowledge gained from studying cells in culture and in model organisms is now laying the groundwork for a new era of regenerative medicine.  Read more

American Journal of Gastroenterology to be published by Nature Publishing Group

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) and the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) have announced a new publishing partnership in which NPG will publish ACG’s official publication, the American Journal of Gastroenterology, starting in January 2009.  Read more

Special issue of Heredity on experimental evolution

The journal Heredity is publishing a special issue on experimental evolution, under the guest editorship of Graham Bell. The goal of experimental evolution is to understand the mechanics of adaptation by observing the outcome of natural selection in simplified laboratory microcosms. The experimental approach allows us to study fundamental features of evolution such as the fixation of beneficial mutations, the extent of specialization, the repeatability of adaptation and the effect of sex. The May issue of Heredity marks the great expansion of the field in recent years. It features mainly work on microbial and viral systems concerned with the genetic basis of adaptation, and the complications introduced by conflicting sources of selection and complex social interactions.  Read more

Nature chemistry ready for take-off

The preliminary website for Nature Chemistry is now live. As well as providing more detailed information about the journal, the site will be updated each week with three new research highlights about exciting chemistry papers that have caught the attention of the editors.  Read more

Nature Reviews Immunology focus on allergy and asthma

Respiratory diseases, including allergies, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, are a major public health burden worldwide.The latest WHO statistics (2007) estimate that 300 million people worldwide have asthma, 210 million people have this type of pulmonary disease, and millions of people are affected by allergies. Each year, 250,000 people die of asthma. The prevalence of these diseases is increasing, and there is a continued need for new and improved therapies. A March 2008 Focus issue of Nature Reviews Immunology highlights the latest advances in our understanding of the immune bases of these respiratory diseases and how this knowledge can be translated into effective treatment strategies, in five review articles and four research highlights. All Focus articles are freely available online for the month of March.  Read more

Nature Milestones in spin

Nature Milestones in Spin was published yesterday, 28 February 2008. Nature Milestones in Spin is a presentation from Nature Physics that focuses on ground-breaking technologies and advances in ‘spin’ — the idea that elementary particles possess intrinsic angular momentum, which substantially affects their behaviour. This Nature Publishing Group supplement tells the story through a series of ‘milestones’ marking the significant developments through the twentieth century to the present day.  Read more

Happy birthday, Nature Network

At Nature Publishing Group, we are often in a position of celebrating birthdays across a full range of ages, from Nature itself (139 on 4 November this year) to our youngest anniversarian, Nature Network, one year old today. In its brief span, the network has become host to a huge range of forums, groups, blogs and event notifications, some created by staff but the vast majority by users — scientists, students, and (to quote the Editor Emeritus of Nature, Sir John Maddox) camp-followers.  Read more