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Nature Network highlights-groups and blogs to check out

Nature Network has been growing quickly with new users signing up everyday, new bloggers starting up and new groups being formed. It might be a lot to wade through so I thought I’d highlight a few of the interesting conversations going on and point you to some cool ways people are using NN.

Protocols and reagents have been a good topic of discussion over at the Nature Protocols forum, one of our more popular forums. Grad students have been gravitating towards the PhD Students forum where they’ve talked about, for example, how to deal with setbacks in the lab.

Attendees of a recent conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia used our forums to organize meetups during the conference.

The proliferation of pseudoscience and what scientists can/should do to combat it is at the center of the Science and skepticism group. Here’s the latest thread.

Postdocs have been flocking to NN and so a variety of postdoc groups have formed. For those of you in Boston, check out the Boston postdocs group. It’s been pretty quiet, but check out what postdocs from other parts of the world have been talking about here and here on NN.

Mothers in science have congregated in the Mums in science group.

Energy has been a hot topic lately so you might want to see what’s going on at the Energy and environmental technology group.

Nature Precedings is a new website from Nature: a preprint server for the life sciences. There’s been a lot of discussion about the merits of the service here and this particular thread is about using Precedings vs. blogs to talk about pre-publication results.

And finally, this blog, by Linda Cooper, a communications lecturer at McGill University, dispenses some good advice to scientists about how to improve your writing. She takes passages from published articles (from Nature!) and deconstructs them, showing how they could be better written.


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