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MIT’s birthday: Celebrating with coffee, calculators and 150 years of science

mit 150.jpgMIT is gearing up for Saturday’s 150th birthday kick-off. We get a preview of the MIT museum exhibit on Friday and NNB will share details here. We are promised a talk from President Susan Hockfield as well as displays of:

The first pocket-sized scientific calculator (1972);

– Wind tunnel models that helped determine the cause of the John Hancock Tower’s window failure (1970s);

– Findings from the MIT Coffee Research Lab, established to engineer the perfect cup of (pre-Starbucks) coffee (1930s);

MIT-Harvard merger petitions (1904);

– Recordings from an (impromptu) Grateful Dead concert at MIT (1970)

MIT150 Whirlwind small.jpgAnd while the institute having some fun with this, it’s not all caffeine and Jerry Garcia The celebration also includes" a series of symposia designed and developed by MIT faculty will explore issues and topics of interest to MIT’s community of scholars, students, and staff."

Schedules and speaker names will be posted as registration opens for each symposium.

• Economics and Finance: From Theory to Practice to Policy (Jan. 27 and 28)

• Conquering Cancer through the Convergence of Science and Engineering (March 16)

• Leaders in Science and Engineering: The Women of MIT (March 28 and 29)

• Computation and the Transformation of Practically Everything (April 11 and 12)

• Earth, Air, Ocean and Space: The Future of Exploration (April 26 and 27)

• Brains, Minds and Machines (May 3-5)

MIT150 Sliderule small.jpg


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