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Boston’s “Science on the Screen” program goes national

The Science on the Screen event at Collidge Corner is going national. A story in the Sunday Globe reports:

Science at the movies comes in several varieties. There’s science fiction as a genre capacious enough for time travel, space travel, creatures, lab work, most of Charlton Heston in the 1970s, and many of life’s greater mysteries (why, in space, can no one hear you scream?).

There’s also just pure glorious science: medicine, engineering, entomology, botany, pharmacology, etc. They’re either the subject of a film or lurking beneath it, ready to be unpacked. For the past six years, the Coolidge Corner Theatre has been doing the unpacking with its Science on Screen series, in which movies are filtered through the expertise and perceptions of actual scientists…

The Arthur P. Sloan Foundation thinks Science on Screen is such a good idea that it has awarded the Coolidge a $150,000 grant to expand the program to art houses around the country. The announcement was made official last week in Utah, at a four-day conference for independent film exhibitors called the Art House Convergence.


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