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Hackers, scientists meet in Boston to build apps for health data

See Boston Health News for a report on Saturday’s “code-a-thon,” where programmers, web designers and wired epidemiologists worked on finding new ways to use existing health data.

In this video report, psych resident Daniel Karlin and web developer Jason Morrison (in the black jacket) and others talk about what brought them to the meeting. Also featured, Postdoc Rumi Chunara of the Children’s Hospital Boston Health Map project and “bio-hacker” Mac Cowell, of DYI Bio Boston who talks about inventing a PCR kit for those interested in DIYgenotyping.

From BHN:

Hospitals, insurers and policy makers have been capturing huge amounts of health data and mining it for years. This effort aims to use that information – much of it in public data sets for more than claims analysis, and utilization review. With the rise of mobile communication, do-it-yourself science and the quantified self, it’s time to let the hackers at it.

At the end of the day, coders were expected to regroup and present their ideas. Click here for a link to Health 2.0 news site to find out who won.


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