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Globe on Mass General Hospital at 200


Check out the Globe story on Mass General at 200. The hospital has a rich history which includes the purported invention of anesthesia and a gorey murder. The photos are great too. The Globe’s, not mine.

Mass. General executives and caregivers and legislative leaders marked the hospital’s 200th anniversary at the State House yesterday with a soliloquy by a John Adams impersonator, a signing of a “symbolic renewed version’’ of the hospital’s charter, and 19th century food and drinks.

ether domeFollowing institutions in Pennsylvania and New York, Mass. General was the third general hospital established in the United States. The hospital, which opened with 60 beds mainly so the poor would have a place to get treated, admitted its first patient on Sept. 1, 1821 — a 30-year-old saddler with syphilis, who, the records pointedly note, contracted the disease not in Boston but in New York City. After months of treatment with mercury, boiled milk and lime water, and a carrot poultice, he died at the hospital nine months later — most likely from mercury poisoning.

Also see the Globe’s story in today’ Metro section on “a small group of local scientists catalogs and tracks “near-Earth objects’’ — asteroids and comets — that could be hazardous”.


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