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Science events in Boston this week: A Nobel laureate, the deep blue sea and the ethics of hospital reality shows

Deep sea exploration, the ethics of hospital reality shows and a Nobel laureate. Science junkie’s choice. For details, see the NNB calendar. And, feel free to post your own event.

  • Monday 3/7 @ BU: Mining the Human Proteome: Noninvasive Biomarker Discovery for

  • Human Cancer and Other Disease Speaker: Marsha Moses, PhD, Director, Vascular Biology Program Department of Surgery, Karp Family Research Laboratories The Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA
  • Tuesday 3/8 @ Harvard Med: The Chemical Biology of Large-Scale RNA Structure Analysis Kevin Weeks, University of North Carolina
  • Wednesday 3/9 @ Harvard Museum of Natural History: There and Back Again: Deep-Sea Exploration to the Earth’s Most Extreme Habitats Speaker: Peter Girguis, Harvard University
  • Wednesday 3/9 @ Harvard: Nobel Laureate Dudley Herschbach on “Molecular Beams in Chemical Physics”
  • Wednesday 3/9 @ Broad Institute: Science, Technology, and Policy Crossroads
  • Thursday 3/10 @ Harvard Med: The Ethics of Boston Med (Ed. note: As in the TV show)
  • Friday 3/11 @ MIT: Doctoral Research Expo Doctoral students from the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering present their research via posters


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