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Wednesday talk: New chips to explore the immune system

The first in Broad’s MIdsummer Nights’ Science events— An Immune System Primer: Vaccines, Allergies, and Immune-related disease — drew a a good crowd to the “DNArium” last week.

Nir Hacohen, a faculty member at the Broad Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital,

kicked off the series on July 6 with a talk “inspired by the intricacies and promise of the immune system.”

Find more science events on our Google calendar.

Next week:

Wednesday, July 13th, 6-7pm

Engineering plastic chips for immunology research

Christopher Love, Ph.D.

Your immune system is critical for protecting you from disease, and yet it can also let you down in diseases like cancer and autoimmunity. Christopher Love will discuss recent advances in fabricating small devices to be used for isolating and interrogating individual immune system cells. These devices provide new knowledge on how the immune system works, and how we can improve the manufacturing of biological drugs that mimic the natural mechanisms of protection afforded by the immune system.


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