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Sleep, earthquakes and placebos on the Boston science calendar


The annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies began this weekend and runs through to Wednesday. Described “the premier event that blends the most current sleep research with the best clinical practices,” sessions include: “Diagnosis and Management of Dream-enacting Behavior…How to Sleep Like a Rockstar” and “Sleep and Its Relationship to Epilepsy and Other Nocturnal Events in Children.”


The Weston Observatory, part of the Boston College Geology Department, is a geophysical research centre where scientists monitor and record New England’s earthquakes.  This week, the suburban lab holds an open house.


Over the past six months, Harvard’s Program in Placebo Studies and the Therapeutic Encounter has been featured in The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal and on 60 Minutes. On Thursday, director Ted Kaptchuk will describe “Placebo: A History.”  Beth Israel:  Deaconess 312, Farr Complex, West Campus.



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