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Boston this week: Cool museums and science camps for the kids

Classes are out and July 4 falls midweek. So, this week’s calendar offers two special features. One highlights ongoing museum exhibits and the other, science camps and events for kids and teens. A few highlights:


Mass Audubon runs 18 nature day camps, including sites in Boston, Belmont and Milton. Call or click to check on openings and sessions. “Imagine a place where children can develop their interest in the outdoors, connect with nature, and have the freedom to play, discover and gain comfort and confidence in the natural world.”  See more on the calendar below and check out the Museum of Science summer courses.


Maritime Gloucester is a group that runs a waterfront education, history and science project in this North Shore fishing town. On Thursdays through the summer, they offer one hour program called “Creature of the Week” for Pre K and early elementary students (3-4 year olds must be accompanied by an adult). “Students will participate in hands on explorations, craft activities, stories and games that introduce all the fun features that make the creature unique.” In the afternoon, the run an open labs for families with kids older than 6.


MIT professor Walter Lewin  offers two lectures for his a new series of videos for Japanese TV. If you don’t mind being part of the studio audience, show up to see him live. Friday’s topic: Super High-Voltage – Why is the Sky Blue, Why are the Clouds White and Why are Sunsets Red?




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