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Science in Boston this week: Sharks, beetles and slide rulers


The ITER project, under construction in France, is an international effort to “demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of fusion power.” Carlos Alejandre,. ITER Deputy Director-General, speaks at 2  MIT on the “safety characteristics of ITER (and by extension of fusion) … and their possible impact on people and the environment.” The event comes as the MIT fusion project — the Alcator C-Mod – is facing shut down, in part, to free up  U.S. funds for ITER.  More on that debate at Nature News and on MIT specifically, here at Nature Boston.


The state Department of Conservation and Recreation offers an update on  Asian Longhorned Beetle. They note that  infestations have resulted in the loss of millions of trees and offer latest how to help to protect Boston’s trees.


Can’t make it to London? Come to Cambridge for the after hours, Second Friday Slide Ruler Olympics at the MIT Museum: “Once you have mastered the basics, join your friends and family in an exciting relay race to test your skills!.”Also on Friday, the Sharks, Arts and Conservation event wraps up the “Jaws Fest” on Martha’s Vineyard. The weeklong tribute celebrates the movie, which was filmed on the island.

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