Climate Feedback

Patricia Romero Lankao


Patricia Romero Lankao is Deputy Director of the Institute for the Study of Society and Environment at the National Centre for Atmospheric Research, US. A sociologist by training, she holds two PhD degrees – one in Regional Development and the other in Agricultural Sciences and Environmental Policy. She taught graduate and post-graduate students in Mexico City for 14 years, has collaborated with the Mexican Government, NGOs and public stakeholders, and has led a range of outreach activities on environmental issues. Additionally she has contributed to a number of interdisciplinary international research networks (Global Carbon Project, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, International Human Dimensions Programme and Inter American Institute for Global Change Research). Her research interests are at the interface of the human dimensions of global environmental change (e.g. the causes and societal impacts of climate change, especially as applied to cities). She was a lead author of the IPCC WGII Report.


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