Climate Feedback

Climate podcast: episode 1


Nature Reports Climate Change rolls out its podcast today, with editor Olive Heffernan interviewing the experts behind our key stories. In this first episode:

– Tim Lenton has more to say about his Commentary on tipping points for dangerous climate change

IPCC scientists Stefan Rahmstorf, Michael Oppenheimer and Gavin Schmidt opine on where the IPCC should turn now, having released its Fourth Assessment synthesis report last week

– journalist Emma Marris explains how mountain-dwelling species are being killed off by the ‘escalator effect

– speculation on the ‘son of Kyoto’ to be conceived at next month’s UN Climate Change Conference in Bali, from Eliot Morley of Globe International, Nick Mabey of e3g and Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

Starting next week, Climate Feedback will have Olive Heffernan blogging from the UN Climate Change Conference in Bali, so tune in to find out whether the delegates are standing united against climate change threats or mired in debate over which policies are fair to whom — or both. And keep an eye out (or an RSS feed subscribed) for next month’s podcast, which will feature interviews and discussion direct from the floor of the UN conference.

Anna Barnett


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