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Post-Bali paradox at UN meeting in Bangkok

Post-Bali paradox at  UN meeting in Bangkok

In Bangkok last week, the first UN climate meeting since Bali wrapped up after struggling til after midnight Friday – not to hammer out emissions targets or controversial new approaches to climate change mitigation, but just to agree on how long to wait before restarting discussions of such matters.  Read more

Oz kicks off carbon storage

Oz kicks off carbon storage

Today Australia sees the opening of the world’s largest trial carbon storage plant (Sydney Morning Herald, BBC, Reuters), the construction of which was covered by Hannah Hoag in Nature Reports Climate Change last year. Since then, soaring costs have prompted the US to junk plans for its FutureGen clean coal power plant, and the down-under demo project is the most massive noncommercial carbon burial site to make it off the drawing board (this Nature News feature rounds up the other contenders as of 2006; subscription required).  Read more