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Climate war games

Nature reporter Jeff Tollefson is one contestant in a ‘climate war game’ taking place this week in Washington, where four teams representing China, India, Europe and the United States are negotiating a new deal on curbing global greenhouse gas emissions.

As Daniel Cressey reported yesterday on The Great Beyond blog:

“Today the participants woke up in the year 2015, and the outlook on global warming is significantly worse than it was just seven years earlier. … Droughts, heavy rains, floods and other extreme weather events are on the rise. Some 250,000 refugees from Bangladesh are camped out on the border of India, two years after their country was ravaged by a typhoon.”

“It feels a bit like a grown-up version of Dungeons and Dragons to me, but I’m willing to give it a try,” says Tollefson.

If yesterday’s roleplay scenario is anything to go by, it seems the EU and US may completely swap stances on climate policy by 2015! For an explanation of just how that might happen, check out Jeff’s progress over on Nature’s conference blog.


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