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Calling all climate-conscious avatars…

Next Wednesday, Nature is co-hosting a conference with Imperial College London on the Elucian Islands archipelago in Second Life on carbon capture and storage. Details here. Attendance is free – you’ll just have to direct your avatar accordingly….  Read more

Will the US be ready in Copenhagen?

Will the US be ready in Copenhagen?

It’s well accepted that the upcoming climate talks in Poznan will not be the time or place for agreeing the architecture of a new deal on climate change. An idea that is less well received, but one that is gaining traction, is that the same could be true of the negotiations in Copenhagen a year from now.  Read more

Attn Obama: Earth science agency merger

There’s a line around the block to give advice to Barack Obama, the latest offering being a 400-page environmental policy paper backed by 29 NGOs (hat tip to Climate Progress). Amid the many recommendations, a proposed bureaucratic shake-up of US Earth science has also resurfaced.  Read more

Lovley’s day for a climate bunfight

Lovley’s day for a climate bunfight

Cross-posted from Daniel Cressey on The Great Beyond There’s nothing like a good climate change-denial article to get the internet all riled up, and boy has Erika Lovley done some riling. She’s penned not one but two articles for the right-leaning Politico newspaper, which are being torn to shreds as we speak. The one generating most ire is the frankly spectacular ‘Scientists urge caution on global warming’. This claims there is “a growing accumulation of global cooling science and other findings that could signal that the science behind global warming may still be too shaky to warrant cap-and-trade legislation”. David  … Read more

Antarctic currents aren’t a-changing

The Southern Ocean’s carbon-sponging capacity has been getting a scientific rethink lately, and a paper in Nature Geoscience this week (subscription required) offers new info on what assistance we can expect from these frigid waters. Unfortunately, the wire report on the paper garbles its bottom line.  Read more

Bonanza of carbon cases at the EPA

Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency may not have a director yet, but it already has its hands full. In the final year of the Bush administration, the EPA has simply procrastinated on greenhouse gas control: the Supreme Court in 2007 ordered the agency to assess the dangerous impacts of emissions under the Clean Air Act, or else justify its lack of action, but the result was a hopelessly conflicted report with a comment period that outlasts the presidential turnover. Now adding pressure to sort this out, pronto, are an EPA decision on coal plants last week and the threat of a new lawsuit over ocean acidification.  Read more