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Fancy a go at saving the planet?

Solving the climate problem is going to require a massive amount of human ingenuity, of all shapes and sizes – new scientific ideas, novel ways of problem-solving and fresh technologies. Those at the forefront of tackling climate change aren’t shy of sharing their suggestions – painting roofs white, for example, or burning biomass en masse.

If you have an ingenious approach for saving the planet, now is your opportunity to get it into the limelight. The Manchester International Festival, in collaboration with the Guardian, are asking for innovations – technological, scientific and behaviour-changing – to be submitted to a competition they are hosting in the coming weeks. The 12 winning schemes will be presented before a panel of experts during the Manchester festival, on the weekend of 4-5 July.

Submissions need to be in by the end of tomorrow, so you may need to have thought this one through already. Application details here. Free tickets are also available to attend the weekend’s discussions as an audience member.

Olive Heffernan


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