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Copenhagen round up

Daniel Cressey; cross-posted from The Great Beyond

Yesterday ‘Copenhagen’ overtook ‘Tiger Woods’ as the number one subject mentioned in news stories and social networking sites. Today though Obama’s Peace Prize speech has jumped ahead of Copenhagen.

But if that has dampened the atmosphere at the climate talks it’s not showing. Diplomats from across the world are still wrangling about just about everything. At the serious end of the spectrum there has been another ‘huge fight that has the potential to derail the talks’.

This one is over proposals from the tiny island of Tuvalu to keep the rise in temperatures to 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial levels (BBC). The 1.5 degrees proposal has received the backing of a number of small nations but UN climate chief Yvo de Boer cast doubt on the possibility of it coming to pass, saying, “It is theoretically possible that the conference will agree to hold temperatures to 1.5C but most industrialised countries have pinned their hopes on 2C.” (Guardian.)

At the slightly less important – but still to be taken seriously – end of the argument spectrum, Environmental Data Services reports that the Saudi Arabian delegation doesn’t like the Copenhagen logos. Clearly the best Copenhagen cash in so far also comes via EDS, who note this gem of a press release: “Eurolines will be attending this year’s UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen on the 15th December to promote the environmental benefits of using coaches when travelling through Europe.”

We also present the first in an occasional series: Copenhagen as Google sees it.

copenhagen google.bmp

Today’s results:

“Copenhagen will succeed” = 16,800 hits.

“Copenhagen will fail” = 92,500 hits.

“Copenhagen MUST succeed” = 4,150 hits.

“Copenhagen MUST fail” = 16,400 hits.

… + “trying to wreck” + Copenhagen

“China” = 86,000 hits.

“America” = 90,500 hits.

“India” = 78,500 hits.

“Polar Bears” = 3,490 hits.

More from Denmark

Police in the Danish capital, where 190 governments are holding U.N. climate talks, seized a cache of paint bombs, shields and other gear overnight that they said could have been used by unruly demonstrators.


George Soros, the billionaire investor, has suggested that the International Monetary Fund should use $100bn (£62bn) of gold reserves to back green loans from rich to poor nations. Mr Soros waded into the Copenhagen climate change talks this morning, explaining that the “not sufficient” money offered by developed nations to help out developing countries is threatening to “wreck the talks”.

Daily Telegraph

At this week’s global climate talks, some rich nations are prepared to urge more lenient accounting practices to hide a portion of their fossil fuel carbon emissions using their trees, environmentalists say. The problem arises as Kyoto Protocol-signing nations now seek to change the rules governing how they gauge their large forest carbon stocks, a complicated issue that has stalled wide-ranging climate talks in the past.



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    Uncle Al said:

    Tuvalu has its own agenda, encapsulated within two numbers: 18 gal/acre-year biodiesel from corn. 635 gal/acre-year biodiesel from oil palm.

    Tuvalu seeks to be the next Middle East extorting the First World through fuel supply and Carbon Credits. Copenhagen is a hot carbuncle of political corruption dissociatd from any thermodynamic consideration.

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