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There’s an app for that

Alicia Newton


Skeptical Science has entered the entered the iPhone app fray with a handy guide to answering common questions about climate change. It’s reviewed in the UK Guardian , and also, a bit less enthusiastically, in The Telegraph.

The app lists common arguments put forward by those skeptical of climate change, and gives the counter-arguments based on sound science. Filed under headings such as ’It’s not that bad’, the app answers questions on topics ranging from the stability of ice sheets to errors in the IPCC’s fourth assessment report. You can check out RealClimate’s take, too. Free from iTunes, it’s at the very least a guaranteed conversation piece.


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    Hank Roberts said:

    Memo to your blog editor, fact checker, or copy editor:

    Watch out for the phrase “sound science” — it’s an “advocacy science” buzzword famous in public health, at least. Using it here impugns a good honest product by skepticalscience. You can look this up.

    Please ask yourself or your author how this phrase came into her consciousness, where she came across it and how it became familiar, and look suspiciously at the source. It may be subtle propaganda has slipped in with that label.

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