Climate Feedback

Nature Climate Change website – coming soon

Our regular readers will have noticed that Climate Feedback has been on hiatus over the summer – apologies for the silence. The good news is that taking a break from blogging has allowed us to do all of the ‘behind the scenes’ work on getting Nature Climate Change, our forthcoming journal, underway.

The blog will be back up and running regularly once the journal launches, and in the meantime, our website will go live in October. Once we are live, we will open our doors for submissions from the research community, and will be accepting original research papers, both in article and letter format, on climate change across the natural and social sciences. Until then, readers can find out more about the journal here.

From October right up until the first print issue of Nature Climate Change in April 2011, we will be highlighting the latest developments in climate research on a weekly basis online. We will also be commenting on climate change, its impacts and implications on Twitter, on Facebook, and here.


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