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Guardian launches 10:10 campaign

Guardian launches 10:10 campaign

Today The Guardian is unveiling their new 10:10 campaign, which pledges individuals, businesses and organizations to shrink their carbon footprints 10% in 2010. I’m heading down to Tate Modern to tweet the launch – follow @annabarnett, #1010.  Read more

Trees of the Ages

Hard to believe: The long-standing notion that old forests are carbon neutral – that is, that from a certain age forests cease to absorb and accumulate carbon – has its origin from a mere decade worth of data from one single site.  Read more

Technology lessens Americans’ power hunger

Technology lessens Americans' power hunger

Did you resolve to use less energy for your home appliances in 2008? In a study released yesterday, a lab within the the US Department of Energy found that lots of Americans (or at least lots of Pacific Northwesterners) want to do the same – and given more information, tools, and sophisticated market incentives, they’ll actually do it. To the tune of 15% less peak power use and 10% lower household electric bills.  Read more