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Hurricane season 2007: The opening act

Posted by Olive Heffernan on behalf of Alex Witze June 1 is almost here, and for residents of the eastern US, Caribbean and Central America that means just one thing: stock up on the plywood and batten down the hatches, for the Atlantic hurricane season is upon us. This week’s Nature features a minor rush of hurricane-related items. First off, in a technical manuscript, Ryan Sriver and Matthew Huber of Purdue University spell out how tropical cyclones could play a significant role in mixing the ocean’s topmost layers. They find that about 15 percent of the peak ocean heat transport  … Read more

Sinking sink

Posted by Olive Heffernan on behalf of Michael Hopkin It looks as if the Southern Ocean – the great white hope for sucking up mankind’s carbon emissions – is slowly losing its efficiency as a carbon sink due to largely unforseen climate feedbacks. It’s early days, but this first real-world measurement of a slowdown in the ocean’s ability to dissolve carbon could have worrying implications for those currently thinking about how to stabilize atmospheric greenhouse levels. Read more on the Southern Ocean’s reduced CO2 uptake here Michael Hopkin News reporter, Nature  … Read more