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Guest post by Marissa Lingen: the story behind the story

Marissa Lingen has made several appearances in Futures, the first being the story ‘Alloy’ back in 2007. Since then, she has wrestled with artificial intelligence, made a bid for world domination, explored quantum entanglement, set an exam on time travel and met with Maxwell’s Demon. Her story ‘The stuff we don’t do’ features in the Futures 2 e-book anthology. You can find out more about Marissa’s work on her website. This week sees her dipping her toes in ‘Boundary waters’ for her Futures story, and she kindly took some time to explain what inspired her to write this tale.

 Writing ‘Boundary waters’

I’m the sort of person who thinks that January is the perfect time to head north. When I wrote this story in January along the shores of Lake Superior, it never got above 0 ºF.  (That’s about –18 ºC for the rest of the world’s temperature scale.)  I love it up there any time of year, but January is amazing, with the walls of mist as the lake freezes out from the shore at night, the cracking as some of it melts a bit, and otherwise quiet.  One person’s idea of an idyllic place to write is another’s frozen wasteland.  So I already had that disconnect in tastes in my mind when I was there, and then I went past a building labelled ‘limnology’.  I like words I don’t know, especially -ologies, and it turns out limnology is the study of fresh water.  My eyes lit.  That’s for me, I thought.  Then: no, not me, someone else unexpected.  Someone else who always has to explain what she likes, if she can even explain it at all.  And ‘Boundary waters’ was born.


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