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University professors join protest en mass

Egypt Protest University faculty.jpgAs the protests in Egypt enter their 15th day, thousands of university professors, faculty and students joined the demonstrations, marching through the streets from Cairo University on their way to Tahrir Square, the gathering place of the protesters since the start of the uprising.

Activates estimate the number of university faculty who have joined at around 50,000. While the number may be an over-estimation, this is still the largest and most organized protest held by university members since the start of the escalated events.

Professors held up signs against the regime, chanting “Down down with Mubarak” and “The people have decided, the regime must fall.” The marchers lamented the lack of freedom in science research and the miserable condition of laboratories and public universities.

School teachers joined the marching professors as well, frustrated at the mediocre quality of education in schools and their low wages.

The protesters tried to reach Tahrir Square but were blocked by the army – where they had to make a detour. But instead of heading to the square through another street, they led the protest to the Houses of Parliament where they did a sit-in in front of the large building calling for their demands.

Student protesters who have been sleeping in Tahrir Square for several days headed out and joined their professors in front of the House of Parliament. The protesters then expanded the area they hold, vowing to sleep in ahead of the House of Parliament until their main demand, Mubarak stepping down, is met.


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