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Calling out to postgrads!

NME blog contestThis blogpost is about something a little different. Instead of talking about the latest developments in science in the Arab world, this is about you, our readers – especially our younger ones.

We know that there are many inspiring young scientists working on some excellent research across the Arab world and we would like to highlight and showcase your work. For this, we are running a little competition and we hope you would take part in it.

We want you to send us a brief outline of the research you are involved in and tell us why it is exciting – it’s that simple. Throughout June, we will collect all the projects sent and will select what we find are the most exciting five. Those five winners will be invited to write bloposts about their research in more details and share it here on the House of Wisdom where other visitors can read it, comment on it and share it.

The competition is open to postgraduates and research assistants from any university in any Arab state (regardless of nationality). So please share this with your friends and encourage them to join too – the more the merrier!

If you have any questions, you can post them in the comments section below and we will get back to you.

To submit your idea, just drop an email to NMEcontest[at]nature[dot]com

Good luck to everyone!


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    Mahmoud Suhail said:

    My last intentions is to bring you grey mood;
    You will not find any serious public arabic scientific research and that doesn’t means that there are non, but most of them work under cover if they want to progress and achieve. Still i wish that this is incorrect or going to change.
    You may delete my comment after you read it as i would do if in your place (not proper for public mood)
    Best regards