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Lab ladies

Good news for all you women scientists in India. Here’s a gender sop that’s sure to get more women back into labs — flexible work hours, work-from-home options, more awards, campus housing and creche for kids. The recommendations of a government task force on women scientists set up two years ago are finally being implemented. We had some very good insights from scientists — both men and women — on the gender divide in science on the Nature India forum. Let’s wait and watch how much action follows these pathbreaking announcements.


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    Maxine said:

    This does sound like good news. Let’s hope that some of these options spread to other countries, following India’s example!

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    Rahul Arya said:

    Good news. For sure, it should invite more participation by women scientists. But implementation of the policy should come into effect, rather than confining it to just records on paper. This Government initiative is warmly welcomed.

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    Sasmita Mishra said:

    Thats really exciting and encouraging for women scientists. Hope it remains away from politics and regional categorisation. Otherwise women scientists of some state will be benifitted and others will remain as usual.

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    Nagarama said:

    It is always nice to see government take this initiative. It will be really nice to see it in implementation at higher levels of scientific field, rather than just increasing the number of women in the workforce. Any initiative that the government takes must address the gender bias in the higher strata of the field.