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All-women tech school

There are murmurs in Vigyan Bhavan about a proposal to set up the country’s first all-women engineering and technology institute in President Pratibha Patil’s hometown in Maharashtra. The HRD ministry is mulling over the proposal for this exclusive women’s technology school in Amravati near Nagpur on Patil’s recommendation. The country’s first woman president was apparently worried about the small number of girl students getting into the IITs.

The proposal has met criticism on these accounts: 1) Will there be enough women qualifying to fill up one IIT-type school if there aren’t enough in the existing ones? 2) WIll the standard of students not suffer if the target is to fill the school up somehow? 3) Is it prudent to make technical education gender-specific?

What are your views?


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    Manju YK said:

    This recommendation does not make any sense. Does the President want to say that women are less competent than men and hence need not compete with men? There are several other women-specific issues in our country to work on, if women leaders really want to empower women. Women’s education is also one such issue, but it is not going to be solved by creating women-only educational institutions.

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    Arulmozhi Kandasamy said:

    Unless there is a societal transformation, these things are just political gimmicks. Once again it has been proved that they do not look into to root of the issues.


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    anu said:

    I do agree with agree with the two views above…there should not be any gender based difference at least in science and technology promotion.

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    Naresh Singh Redhu said:

    I think it would be better if there is 50% researvation for women in these schools, instead of making it just for women. A mix of both genders not only provides a healthy and competitive atmosphere in the campus, but also could groom the students in a professionally sound manner. And to tell everyone, women are no less than men in any area of science, in India or any other country. Its just their own decision to stop at some point (e.g. for the sake of family).

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    Farhan Ahmad said:

    I would support this idea of setting an institute only for women. The most important advantage in the long term would be that we will have a large workforce of technically trained women in India working here unlike the majority of men. I assume that the quality of education would be like IITs not like private colleges.

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    Diploma owner said:

    Will this Institute take only women? Don’t you think that it is too much? To my mind it is rather stupid.

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    dr prem raj pushpakaran said:

    Gender based bias in setting up science & technology institutes will not solve educational problems of women. Overall development of any human being needs a constant interaction from both sexes during the learning and thought development process.