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Hail women in science

I have heard women scientists across the world rant (with reason) about the oppressive policies of labs that stifle their growth. We have had very interesting discussions on the Nature India forum regarding gender issues in science. And, of course, about the sops that governments promise to make things better for women but don’t deliver. Spurred by such inaction, Vineeta Bal, a member of the Indian government’s task force for women in science, wrote a forceful commentary on Nature India recently outlining what needs to be done immediately to turn things around for our lab ladies.

Hence this new book on 98 women in Indian science made for wonderful reading. The biographical sketch ‘Lilavati’s Daughters: The Women Scientists of India’ has every emotion one ever attributes to women scientists –- patience, angst, perseverance, fears, euphoria and above all incessant struggle in the face of a thousand odds. These are inspirational stories from the lab — the individual journeys of these gritty women on paths less trodden. Certainly a must read for all young women scientists looking for role models to follow.


You can read a review of the book here.

And what’s more, you can actually read the book at the Indian Academy of Sciences website! Happy reading!


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    ananda said:

    Hi Thanks for this information regarding the book. It was wonderful reading the book. The most unique thing was the “struggle” which each of these dynamic women encountered during their pursuit.

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    Payal said:

    The book was indeed a great read, however we still find very few women in top positions in the academic tower. We hear often about women in science facing tough times. These enlightening articles should not be just any other article about women struggling to fight the gender bias but to affirm action against it.

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    Mekhala said:

    Thank you Subhra for sharing the link. I think all the budding women Scientists from India must keep a copy on their shelves for inspiration.