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Making sense of biology

As the year draws to a close and everyone gets into holiday mood, here’s some yuletide cheer for biology teachers in this country.

The Ohio State University has announced a promising programme that might benefit biology teachers at undergraduate institutions in India. The university will share its experiences and expertise in teaching biology to undergraduate students in this international outreach initiative for professional development of undergraduate life science educators. The university’s Centre for Life Science Education is currently inviting applications for

this programme from interested teachers at small, teaching‐colleges in India.

The centre will participate in weekly discussions through video conferencing on various aspects of scientific teaching methods that might help build a vibrant learning environment in Indian universities.

The initiative is being overseen by Caroline Breitenberger, Director ( and Judy Ridgway, Assistant Director for Educational Research and Development (, who are the people to get in touch for more information.


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    pushpanjali priyadarshani said:

    Taking biology as subject after matriculation means becoming a doctor. If not then you are useless because there is no or minimum scope for biology students in India. Also, one more factor is the way science is taught in India — no practical knowledge. Practical lessons are a formality because they are mentioned in the syllabus. The stress is on theory and that means mostly cramming.

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    D.D.PANDEY said:

    There’s a lot of opportunity to do biology in India now with CSIR, JNCASR, IISC and TIFR etc.