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    Vipin Ranga said:

    Dear Bhaiya,
    We also need mental support to move forward in our research life. Thanks for being a motivational source. I like your blog very much 🙂 and specially the chai-samosa part. Please share more information with us in your coming blogs.

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    Anil Shukla said:

    Vipin: Thanks a lot! I agree with you brother, you need proper mental and emotional support. That’s what I find missing sometimes. But truly speaking, you guys are my motivation! Keep doing good!

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    Poonam Tewary said:

    Good to see a forthright person. We have all gone through the same turmoil. Hopefully we will be able to help you out emotionally and scientifically and build a camaraderie here so that it gives all of us strength to learn, survive and build a home away from home. Well said Vipin! We all miss the chai-Samosa part.