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    Aditya Kumar said:

    Thanks Dr. Tomar for sharing your valuable experiences. Some new or to-be postdoc will get help from this. I like some of the points you mentioned such as “check the history of a laboratory to see how many past members have successfully achieved specific goals”, “do not get overwhelmed by the numbers of publications”. You are also right in saying Indian universities don’t have even true postdoc positions. Good luck for your future. Thanks.

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      Etan D said:

      Home is always home, as Dr. Tomar speaks about his native India. I was a foreigner there for 2 years and felt like every village was my home. I can only imagine with what gravity he has to balance every day in the USA. I put my impressions in some documentary stories on my blog, for anyone who wonders what can be different. And to those who have never gone there I can only say it’s a chance to feel the universal essence of “home”.