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    Krishnan Iyer said:

    Prof. Singh, thank you for sharing your experience. Very much enjoyed reading this inspirational note. I have been debating for a while whether to move abroad for a postdoctoral experience but many researchers I know have returned to India without securing a job in any institute and were rejected by IITs. Your blog gives me strength to move ahead and apply for postdoc in the US. Will you be willing to help and guide me in this regard? Appreciate your valuable time.


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    Upal Roy said:

    Another inspiring story. It is always good to do what you love to do. Congratulation for your faculty position.

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    Siva Sangram said:

    Excellent snapshot of your wonderful journey. Tells me what to expect next in life and where to go. I must say I was disheartened to know from others that Indian postdocs tend to keep doing postdoc jobs again and again because they don’t get any other job. I think one needs to be strategic like you. Congratulations.