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    Debesh Choudhury said:

    Do we know that China had been hiring skilled retired/unemployed scientists and academicians from USA and other developed and developing countries? China also sent many students to USA and other developed countries for higher studies; most of them returned to China to get suitable jobs and contributed to the growth. In this way they maintained world standard science and technology. Has the scientific authority of India guided by advisers such as Prof. Rao ever tried to do that? Has our government created jobs for US-trained Indians?

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    Vyankatesh Lokre said:

    Now a days there is a trend of serving & retired distinguished scientists of our country to point fingers at politicians, bureaucrats and others for their failures to give results. I do not agree that spending more amounts in R & D will improve the quality and quantity of Indian science. All laboratories under CSIR, DRDO, ISRO, BARC, Atomic Energy Commission and so on are well equipped and nearly at par with their counterparts abroad. Our country has more scientific and technical persons working in these laboratories as compared to many other advanced foreign countries. I believe that the fault lies in the quality of existing science leadership that is unable to tap the vast young and talented technical work force available in these organizations. I feel that this is lacking in our country. I may be or may not be right.
    Dr. Vyankatesh L. Lokre
    Retired DRDO Scientist, Pune – India

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    G V Rao said:

    Had it not been for those Idiots, we would not have had so much of funds wasted by our intelligentia in name of fancy research projects….and had it not been for those idiots, many scientists in this country would have lost their jobs for plagiarizing work of is always nice to give lectures on what could be done rather than doing…in other countries, merit is encouraged but in India merit is thrown in the dustbin to give way to mediocrity…..