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NI photo contest: Finalist #2

In July 2014, Nature India announced its first photo contest. The idea was to capture the resurgence of science in the world’s largest democracy. The theme for our inaugural photo competition was ‘Science & Technology in India’.

Nature India received close to 50 entries from across the world — we have been overwhelmed with the quality and novelty of some of these entries. We are equally impressed with the way both amateur and professional photographers blended in the rich cultural backdrop of India to tell fascinating stories about the country’s science. In these pictures, scientists and non-scientists have captured the evolving science and technology scene in India, a country poised to be a global super power yet fighting issues of poverty, healthcare and education.

As announced earlier, Nature India‘s editorial and design team will chose one lucky winner. The winning image will be featured on the cover of one of our forthcoming print publications. The winner and two runners-up will receive a copy of the Nature India Special Annual Volume and a bag of goodies from the Nature Publishing Group. The winners will be announced on September 29, 2014.

As a run up to the final announcement, we will be rolling out the top seven finalists of the photo competition (in no particular order of merit) throughout this week on the Indigenus blog as well as our social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook).

So here’s announcing the Nature India photo contest finalist number two!

Harsha Dilip Pednekar, Belgaum, Karnataka, India.

Photo caption: ‘Wherever you go…we follow!’


Harsha Dilip Pednekar


Here’s the story behind the picture, in Harsha’s words:

Harsha Dilip Pednekar

Harsha Dilip Pednekar

“The use and spread of computers in India has surged in recent years. Also, computing devices are getting smaller and smaller – tabs, phablets, transformer tabs to name a few – making our lives more comfortable and convenient. I found this pair of shoes at a local shoe shop near Fort Aguada, Goa. The picture depicts a possible generation next computer that could be embedded in your shoes — wherever you go, we follow.”

Congratulations Harsha for hitting the top 7!

Nature India‘s final decision to chose the winner will be partly influenced by the engagement and reception he/she receives here at the Indigenus blog, on Twitter and on Facebook. So watch out for our other finalists and feel free to promote, share and like your favourite entries through this week with the hashtag #NatureIndphoto.


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