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NI photo contest: Finalist #4

Nature India‘s first photo contest announced this July received close to 50 entries from across the world.

Nature India‘s editorial and design team will chose one lucky winner. The winning image will be featured on the cover of one of our forthcoming print publications. The winner and two runners-up will receive a copy of the Nature India Special Annual Volume and a bag of goodies from the Nature Publishing Group. The winners will be announced on September 29, 2014.

Through this week, we are rolling out the top seven finalists of the photo competition (in no particular order of merit) on the Indigenus blog as well as our social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook).

Here’s announcing finalist number four of the Nature India photo contest:

Mahesh S. Chavadar, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Photo caption: ‘Bio-light for better tomorrow’


Mahesh S. Chavadar

Here are Mahesh’s thoughts behind this picture:

Mahesh S. Chavadar

Mahesh S. Chavadar

“These light-emitting bioluminescent bacteria, just like fireflies, produce visible light through a biochemically-mediated reaction. One day, they might supplement India’s burgeoning energy requirements with ‘Microbial Homes’, where such bacteria can be used to produce ‘bio light’ using wastes such as sewage, kitchen waste and garbage. Also these organisms can be used in exit signs, road markers, and signage in the dark. Picture taken at the Microbial Culture Collection, Pune, India.”

Congratulations Mahesh for being in the final seven!

Nature India‘s final decision to chose the winner will be partly influenced by the engagement and reception he/she receives here at the Indigenus blog, onTwitter and on Facebook. So watch out for our other finalists and feel free to promote, share and like your favourite entries through this week with the hashtag #NatureIndphoto.