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    rakesh kumar said:

    Its good, but surprising that nobody is from biology. The criteria should be different for different disciplines so that all that subjects can be accumulated.

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    Saumitra Mukherjee said:

    It is a matter of great pleasure to see these scientists who are working for science. I congratulate you all.

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    It is very heartening to learn that all these researchers are working in front-line areas. Prof. Soumya Swaminathan has correctly mention the “encouragement” one gets from the systems in India, though, in my opinion researchers do not bother much about salary. However, hurdles caused by Insitutional/University procedural matters and lack of recognition are really hamstringing. Timely processing of applications for research grant by various funding agencies too would help the researchers.

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    Parimal Solanki said:

    Many many congratulations to all of you!

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    Remigius de Souza said:

    Many Congratulations To All of You! I feel proud for this news!!

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    Shekhar Mallick said:

    Many congratulations to all of you. Many like you are unsung heroes of Indian science, who silently keep discovering and making the nation proud, in a backdrop of a common perception about the nation of illiterates