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NI Photo Contest 2017: Finalist # 2

Rolling out Nature India photo contest 2017 finalist number two:

Dipankar Ghosh, Oakdale, Minnesota, USA

Photo caption: Fishy tales


Dipankar Ghosh

Dipankar Ghosh

Dipankar Ghosh

Here’s Dipankar’s description of his picture:

A dramatic increase in population and climate change are depleting global natural resources at an alarming rate. Fishermen on the Puri coast in Odisha, India depend on the ocean’s natural resource for their livelihood. But meeting daily targets of fish haul to earn a living is often a big challenge.

Congratulations Dipankar for making it to the longlist!

In it’s fourth year, the photo contest continued to receive fantastic response with entries from around the world. The theme this year was ‘Grand Challenges’, and needed more thought and creativity than our earlier themes.

Despite the challenge, the quality and novelty of some of the entries has been breathtaking. We have had a mix of amateur and professional photographers, scientists and non-scientists, mobile cameras and high-end DSLRs — all vying to portray the complex global problems we face — the world’s grand challenges — and to look for solutions for a healthy and sustainable future.

Tough job as usual for the Nature India editorial and design team in selecting just three winners. The winners stand a chance of seeing their entries grace the cover page of one of our forthcoming print publications. The winner and two runners-up will receive a copy of the latest Nature India Special Annual Volume and an enviable bag of goodies from Springer Nature.

As a run up to the final announcement, we will be rolling out the top 10 finalists of the photo competition (in no particular order of merit) over the next few days on the Indigenus blog as well as our social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook). The final results will be announced somewhere in late December 2017.

Nature India’s final decision to chose the winner will be partly influenced by the engagement and reception he/she receives here at the Indigenus blog, on Twitter and on Facebook. To give all finalists a fair chance, we will take into consideration the social media engagement of each picture only during the first seven days of its announcement.

Watch out for our other finalists and feel free to promote, share and like your favourite entries with the hashtag #NatureIndphoto.


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