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Nature India Photo Contest 2020: Finalist #5

Rolling out finalist #5 in the Nature India Photo Contest 2020 themed ‘pandemic’:

Sourav Karmakar, Kolkata, West Bengal

Photo caption: Faithful fielder

“Before the COVID-19 pandemic, this old man walked in a group with other senior citizens at Lodhi Gardens in New Delhi, India. They followed a schedule – evening-walk, physical exercise, badminton and a chat session. In the new normal, most senior citizens are home-bound. This man found a new companion in his dog and tweaked his fitness schedule with the canine sports partner.” — Sourav Karmakar

Congratulations Sourav for getting a spot in the top 10 of the Nature India Photo Contest 2020!

The Nature India editorial and design teams have chosen ten stunning finalists, that will be rolled out (in no particular order of merit) over the next few days. These entries have been judged for novelty, creativity, quality and print worthiness. Nature India’s final decision to chose the winner will be partly influenced by the engagement and reception these pictures receive here at the Indigenus blog, on Twitter and on Facebook. To give all finalists a fair chance, we will consider the social media engagement each picture gets only during the first seven days of its announcement. The final results will be announced sometime in early February 2021.

Watch this space as we announce the other finalists in the coming days. Like, share and comment on your favourite photos on Twitter and on Facebook with the hashtag #NatureIndphoto to make them win.

The winning pictures will get cash prizes worth $350, $250 and $200 respectively. The top 10 finalists will be featured here, on Nature India’s blog Indigenus and in our subsequent annual issue.

The winner and runners-up will also receive a copy of the Nature India Annual Volume 2020 and a bag of Nature Research goodies. Winning entries stand a chance of being featured on the cover of one of our forthcoming print publications.


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