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Rapid Correspondence – Gender Genomics and Equality

In response to the recent publication of the Florida Lancelet’s genome draft in the June 19th issue of Nature (Nature 453:1064-1071), Mark Hauber of the University of Auckland, New Zealand and colleagues here highlight the important and broader issue of gender genomics in this context.  Read more

Rapid Correspondence – Molecular clock debate

The complex issue of mtDNA rate measurement is a topic of hot debate. In the first issue of Heredity this year H-J Bandelt (Heredity 100, 1-2) provided an interesting news and commentary on this topic, discussing the use of simple mtDNA clocks in molecular dating.  Read more

Rapid Correspondence – One-sided evolution or two? A reply to Ennos

A recent News and Commentary published in Heredity (Heredity 100, 3-4) proposed an alternative hypothesis to the ‘pollinator shift’ hypothsis suggested in a letter by Whittall and Hodges published in Nature (Nature 447, 706-709) . Here, Scott Hodges and Justen Whittall provide their response to this.  Read more

Rapid Correspondence – Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism in birds

After reading with interest an article by Berlin et al. (Heredity 99, 389-396) on mitochondiral variability in birds, Anthony Hickey proposes an alternative interpretation to the data showing low mtDNA diversity, which they attributed to Hill-Robertson effects.  Read more

Rapid Correspondence – Inheritance of litter size in arctic foxes

Rapid Correspondence - Inheritance of litter size in arctic foxes

After reading with interest the recent paper by Axenovich et al. (Heredity 98:99-105) and the commentary on it by R F Nespolo (Heredity 98:63-64), Philip Hedrick has written this short commentary on their findings that puts their conclusions in a familiar context for the readers of Heredity.  Read more