In The Field

ASRM: Odds and ends

Sometimes there is a sweet moment when staying to the bitter end of a meeting proves worthwhile.

And sometimes there is not.

That’s OK though, because I did learn about feng shui in fertility clinics based on a survey of patients. A board of baby photos, they found, is good. (It provides encouragement of babies to come, rather than a reminder of those that might not.) ‘Explicit visual aids’ in the ‘semen production room’ also get the thumbs up for providing encouragement.

I almost didn’t make it to the meeting’s end — but for a free sugar-boosting sample of prenatal vitamins cleverly transformed into chocolate and caramel chews. Yum. Wish I’d known about those when I was growing my own embryo.

That’s it from reproductive medicine. I have to go back to dealing with the consequences of reproduction instead: an 18 month old toddler.


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