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The new face of Nature News.

Our news site has been redesigned to make the stories even more timely, easier to find, and open to comment and conversation from our readers. Check out our homepage to see what has changed and get all the latest news.

Here are some highlights of the new site:


The Great Beyond rounds up the world of science news as reported elsewhere, letting you know what’s hot, and who’s got the best scoop.

In the Field delivers diary reports from our reporters as they trawl conference floors or attend exciting science events.


Have an opinion on our news stories or columns? Now you can post your comments straight onto any story on Join the conversation!


Our opinion page collects the columns, editorials and commentaries from Nature – find out what we think about contentious (or whimsical) issues in science.


Only interested in one thing? Use the ‘archive / view by subject’ tab to find stories in one field only, or click on the ‘keywords’ to the left of any story to see what else we have written on that subject.

Only interested in what’s hot? Use the tab in the upper right hand corner of the site to find the stories most commented upon, or most blogged in the blogosphere.

More than half of our daily online content is free for 4 days from publication. To get full access, check out our subscriptions. To get a full tour of all the site’s features, check out ‘about this site’.

We are aware that there may be some glitches and teething problems with the new design, and we want you to tell us about them. If you find a broken link, get annoyed or frustrated by the navigation, or simply can’t find something, write to us on


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Nicola Jones.


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