In The Field

ASM 2008: Microbes do the darndest things

Hello and welcome to the American Society for Microbiology’s annual microbial extravaganza! This year’s shindig is in Boston, and the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center has literally laid out a red carpet to welcome the glitterati of the microbiology world. (I was amused to see that they’ve also placed the pressroom right next to the children’s daycare center. A subtle comment on our maturity level? Perhaps.)

Judging from this morning’s poster session, this looks to be a fun meeting. It’s a busy one, too – with over 3000 presentations, it can be hard to pick out which ones to attend. If any of you out there have suggestions to help me weed through the 300+ page program, please let me know: you can contact me by posting a comment here or via email: h.ledford at boston dot nature dot com.


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