In The Field

Climate war game: Day II begins…

9:30 a.m.

I’ve had my morning coffee, perused the 6 October, 2015, edition of the Climate Change Times and am now listening to Diana Farrell talk about energy efficiency. Farrell heads the McKinsey Global Institute, which put out a study earlier this year indicating that the world could cut energy demand growth in half – at a profit – through productivity gains. “This is the single most important lever for addressing climate change,” she says.

I’m never sure whether I should be pleased or depressed hearing such optimistic numbers about energy efficiency, because action in this arena is often limited to large groups of experts nodding their head in agreement on the need to act quickly. As Farrell astutely points out, here we are on a balmy day in the US capital, sitting in a super-cooled conference room, continuously blasted by arctic winds, talking about how difficult it is to reduce fossil fuel demand.

United Nations officials are now reviewing yesterday’s activities and going over today’s war game events. More to come soon.


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