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Climate war game: ABC News & Earth2100

So I finally got around to checking out the website for Earth2100 , which is the documentary that will ultimately house the ABC News footage of this week’s war game. Or at least some of it – there would appear to be a dozen cameras here filming everything that walks, talks or types.

Actually, it’s a bit more than a straight-up documentary. ABC is working with scientists to develop (and eventually portray) future climate scenarios. The network is even soliciting short films from viewers depicting life in a warmer world, so it’s time for all of you aspiring filmmakers to get busy. An ABC producer I spoke to yesterday assured me that the network is open to using the volunteer footage – if it makes the final cut.

Some of the early entries are posted on the site. Monologues appear to be a popular form of self expression in 2015, and from them we learn that one can of cat food costs $8.49 in New York City, a gallon of gasoline costs more than $9 per gallon in Alaska and Los Angeles residents have running water only three days a week.

The network has released its climate briefings for 2050, available individually for several countries and regions; briefings for 2070 and 2100 will be forthcoming. The documentary will be released sometime early next year.


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