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Arctic Frontiers

The University of Tromsø, an ancient Norwegian city 350 kilometres inside the Arctic circle, this week hosts the 3rd ‚Arctic Frontiers’ conference. The meeting, a two-day policy conference, followed by a three-day science conference, not only celebrates the return of the Sun to this part of the world, but also the end of the International Polar Year 2007-2008, which wraps up next month.

The policy meeting opens today with representatives from Norway, the European Union, Russia, the United States, Canada and Greenland giving presentations about their governments’ respective Arctic strategies. Next up is Egil Olli Olsen, the president of the Sami Parliament, who will address the audience in Sami language. The complete policy conference is broadcast live on the internet at I’ll be blogging from the plenary bits and pieces that I find of particular interest. Stay tuned.

Quirin Schiermeier


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