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World Science Festival: Ending how it all began

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And so it ends. The second World Science Festival successfully closed in much the same vein as it began, with a celebration of the work and creativity inspired by E.O.Wilson. At the start of the BioBlitzing session — which was attended by an equal number of excited kids as giddy adults — Mark Moffett (right) declared that “adventure was the process of finding a story.”

Apt words proving that Moffett has indeed learned well from Wilson, his old doctorate advisor. While an animated Moffett narrated his adventures, with the help of amazing photographs, it was Wilson’s calm but engaging persona that inspired. With a lifetime of adventures and an always inquisitive mind, Wilson epitomizes a never-ending love for science.

He spoke to the adults, he spoke to the children, and inarguably, he spoke for the 1.8 million known species of animals on our wondrous planet Earth.


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