In The Field

Man bags first piece of stardust

I had the pleasure today of speaking to Bruce Hudson, a 46-year-old resident of Midland, Ontario in Canada and a lifelong fan of stars and planets and all the things in the heavens that make our little lives on Earth seem at once small and exalted. Seven years ago, Hudson had a stroke that rendered the right side of his body mostly useless and forced him to leave his job as a groundskeeper for a Catholic shrine. He couldn’t really play video games. So he joined Stardust @Home, the crowdsourced effort to find bits of stardust buried within a spacecraft’s trap. For a few years, he scanned thousands of pictures, sometimes working 15 hours a day. And he ended up with the prize: the naming rights to the first bit of pure, interstellar dust to be brought to Earth. He called it Orion. Read the rest in my story up at the main Nature News site.


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